Hanna Andersson

VP Brand Mktg

Creative Director


Brief: Relaunch the Hanna Andersson brand in a digital product storytelling campaign, connecting product story heritage to their customer's needs and lifestyle. 

Campaign: HannaMade.  The origin of the brand in product, in spirit and in the emotional connection it has with its customers, is celebrated in new ways that engage a younger generation of moms. The product inspiration is presented as rooted in the Scandinavian belief of encouraging the growth and independence of children. The authentic parent-to-parent voice of its founder is reestablished. New PDP's launch with rich product details and information.

Channels: Paid/Owned Social Video/Print;  Influencer/PR gifting;  Creation of  Product Capsule Drops; Digital Ads/Partners;  Retail Store Windows/Signage;  Mailers;  Homepage and PDP content.

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