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MATHURA HAWLEY a storyteller who understands the business of creative and who grows and inspires brands and teams with insight, passion and kindness.

Mathura has been a Director/VP of brand, creative, art and copy for Ralph Lauren, GAP,

The Children’s Place, American Eagle, Nautica and Hanna Andersson.

His lessons in branding began from presenting national advertising to Ralph Lauren, then overseeing

the global messaging for GAP, learning the retail store world from The Children’s Place and

American Eagle, creating a brand from scratch with American Living, shaping the rebranding of Nautica with the resources of VF Corporation, and relaunching Hanna Andersson from a catalog company to a

digital-first brand with a parent-to-parent voice.

One of his favorite and most personal projects was to create the copy and voice for the launch of Shinola Pet products, originated by Bruce Weber and made by hand by local people in need in Detroit, Michigan. 

Most recently, Mathura has helped an innovative purpose-driven digital fashion start-up define its mission and find its voice, a classic men's shirt company revitalize and elevate their imagery, and a local family-owned bakery define and position itself for growth.

This spring, Mathura decided to go minimal, letting go of 95% of his lifelong possessions, buying an 

RV to pull with his Jeep, and heading out on the road for new adventures.  He is documenting his journey on Tik-Tok and already getting good and bad advice from all kinds of interesting people.


Some other things that you might want to know:

Mathura grew up in the West Catskill Mountains of upstate New York

He once lost 160 pounds and became a personal trainer

He came out proudly in 1995

He has had a wife.  He has had a husband

He is creator and host of an LGBTQ+ Podcast

He is the voice of the bartender on the Meet Cute podcast series "Cruise Ship," written by Sarah Shepard

He has interviewed Morgan Freeman and other celebrities on environmental issues

He has lived in NYC, Miami, San Francisco and Portland

Being a dog dad for ten years was his greatest pleasure

He studies eastern religion and took the name Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna,

as a way to represent the birth of his own spiritual journey

He is now, and forever, a Stevie Nicks fan

He seeks, teaches, and encourages empowerment through truth and kindness


Mathura helped to develop the first diversity committee for VF Corporation, establishing a LGBTQ Taskforce for Nautica/Kipling.  He has been a lifelong supporter of LGBTQ rights, GMHC, Green Chimneys, and recently served on the charity event board for Dove Lewis Animal Hospital in Portland.

I had the pleasure of watching Mathura Hawley transform a team, and a brand.

Alisha  Runckel (HannaAndersson)

Director Digital, Laird Superfood

Mathura is a born storyteller who is equally skilled as both a visual creative and talented writer who can dream.

Kristin Aytona (Nautica/Kipling)

Art Director 

Mathura is pitch perfect on any branding assignment in that he

has a gift to speak directly to our consumer. 

Theresa Fisher

SVP, CCA Global

I was Mathura's HR Manager and Business Partner at Hanna Andersson.  Mathura came in at a very difficult time and turned the Creative into a true Brand! He built a powerhouse team and an internal agency that drove the Hanna brand to a fresh and modern place. His leadership style is inspiring others while showing them what they were capable of.  He was able to weather many storms at Hanna with grace and dignity. Mathura is crazy talented and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to support and work alongside him.

Darcy Potter (Hanna Andersson)

Human Resources, UNFI

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